The Pink Lady Collection The Pink Lady Collection
Art Deco Exquisite Glass Bead Necklace
Norma Sterling Dutch Couple
Fenichel Clear Rhinestone Necklace
Very Old French Galalith Brooch - Carved & Painted
Art Deco Rhinestone Necklace - Suffragette Colors
Filigreed Bright Colored Rhinestone Dress Clip
Chatelaine - A Sailor and His Lady Saying Goodbye???
Eisenberg Dazzling Clear Rhinestone Demi Parure
Pennino 1940's Sterling Lapel Watch - Very Rare
Old Delicate Faux Coral and Pearl Pin and Earrings.
Staret Red and Clear Rhinestone Bracelet - Gorgeous
Scarce 1942 Coro Native American Fur Clip
Mexican Sterling Marching Soldier
Stunning Schiaparelli Faux Pearl/Rhinestone Bracelet
Copper and Pearl Colored Long Bead Necklace
1940s Sterling Puffed Heart Charm Bracelet - 21 Hearts
Art Deco Style Bright Red Glass Necklace
Tortoise Lucite Silhouette Brooch - 1940s Folk Art